Wednesday, 20 May 2009


(Just incase you don’t remember what has been going on please visit my site for a small recap) BREAKING NEWS!!! After a huge discussion between the producers of the Annoying Thing, a unanimous NO was announced, meaning that Crazy Frog’s career had come to an end. The producers showed no interest in negotiating with the outraged character. His last comments were: “This is a disgrace. Everyone will pay for this. People do not think I am capable of what I am about to do. You better have your heads up to see the missile coming, muahahahaha”. Of course nobody believed him. A few weeks later Crazy Frog was spotted by the army radar on his missile heading towards the east coast. Immediately President Obama fled to the UK. The police has announced that he is very dangerous, heavily armed and should be considered a terrorist. On the 21/06/09 crazy frog attacked the White House. The president’s home was annihilated. Thankfully there was nobody there. Below is the last picture of both the White House and crazy frog. It was taken in the last seconds before impact.  

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